Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Necronomicon, Mille Cuirs Edition.

Mille Cuirs returns with this phenomenal take on the Necronomicon.

It's interesting how prop interpretations of the Necronomicon have changed over the years.  Right through the early 80s the go-to depiction was based on traditional grimoires - lots of iron hardware and tooled leather decoration.  Then "Evil Dead" hit and the whole bound in human flesh/face on the cover thing started.  Over the last few years that's generally fallen to the wayside.  I credit that to an attack of sanity as fans realized how ridiculous the whole face thing usually looked.  Unless you're a truly gifted artist there's no way to pull it off effectively.

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Phil said...

Not to mention it's really hard to fit on your bookshelf.

But I'm a traditionalist. If I were to ever make a Necronomicon (not likely since it, like Cthuhlu statues have been done to death) I'd prefer the old-fashioned musty leather tome to the 'book-with-a-face' design. Not to say that a spellbook covered in facial skin, with eye holes and lips sewn shut isn't interesting.