Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dark Future

There are times I really hate a mystery.

I know these pictures come from a post-apocalyptic LARP in the Czech Republic.  Beyond that I have no idea what's going on.  The production quality is obviously through the roof.  Based on the costumes I'd say this was some kind of "Man in the High Castle" alt-future scenario.


Lynn C-H said...

Those looks like they're from the MethanCity LARP, it was inspired by Orwell's 1984. They have a website at, and Lukáš Makovička has a really nice set of in-game photos he did while playing a member of Propaganda.

Alweron said...

Well, it was dystopian LARP similar to Orwells 1984. But now that you mention it, it is also pretty similar to Man in the High Castle.
You can see more photos here:

Joseph Hallam said...

Ah I know about this! It's a futuristic LARP based around George Orwell's 1984. If you would want to know more I suggest sending a message to the Tumblr blog Krushrak-Dagra:

I may be wrong but I believe he was involved in it and yeah Czech LARPs are RIDICULOUS.

Joseph Hallam said...

And I just clicked the link and that's the blog you got it from.

I'm smart.

Anyway yeah it's based on the two opposing sides in 1984 called MethanCity

CoastConFan said...

The cap badges are reused East German (DDR) cap badges (died 89/90). There’s still enough ex-Soviet Bloc junk left over from the Empire of the USSR (died 1991) to make a lot of LARP uniforms.

I happened to be in W Germany when it all fell apart and the amount of material was staggering. There’s still plenty of stuff to be had at militaria shows to piece together a lot of good costumes, especially now that most young people are largely unfamiliar with Warsaw Pact uniforms and equipment from 25 plus years ago.

Anonymous said...

LARPing in adverse weather! I don't see a lot of that... I like the fact that the snow hasn't been 'Shopped in... Precipitation adds an interesting element of verisimilitude. You can _say_ it's 1929, and dress like it, and ban cellphones & such, but you can't really pretend you're foot-deep in freezing snow as easily. Snow even gives you the rare possibility of following footprints or blood trails!


Dikobraz said...

Hi guys, i know this is an old thread but still - those are probably the best pictures from winter "Fronta" from Ondrej Penicka.