Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Mermaid

Be sure to check out the second and third installment of the FeeJee mermaid build log from Dan Baines.  It's a masterclass for anyone even remotely interested in creating gaffs. 

There are a lot of techniques in play I want to talk about when I have more time this weekend.  For now I'm enjoying seeing the project unfold.  The entire process is confirmation of something he wrote in his first post:

Not enough people in the prop building community share their ideas which is a shame. Some people guard their techniques like Smaug sat on his hoard of Dwarven gold. If we don’t share then our precious methods die with us. As Adam Savage mentioned at MakerFaire 2014 – no secrets!
In his own wise words -

"nobody is going to take your technique and then steal your ideas, nobody has a monopoly on being you and if you think that your technique is what makes you interesting you’re being ridiculous, so share your techniques! When you share an idea, somebody may come back to you with a better way of doing it and you’re going to learn something from them and develop your own techniques even further."

So, I’m going to cover what I do right here. If you want to try it for yourself and go for it, if you know a better way of doing something let me know! Either way sharing, experimenting and learning is what prop building is all about, so through my blogs and workshops I hope to promote that way of thinking.

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Mr Black said...

Wonderful project, I love it!