Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vampires Beware

Kamelot Auctions brings us another Blomberg-style vampire hunting kit.  It's a pretty standard bit of assemblage, but the plaster icon is a nice touch.  I believe the "stakes" are actually re-purposed furniture legs.  I've noticed that many of the more recent offerings are using that approach.  The box itself is full of character.

I don't normally post a wall o' pictures, but these auction finds are an exception.  Once they're sold there's no real reason to keep the galleries up.  I hate seeing inspirational material like this just vanish.


Anonymous said...

That is a great box.

CoastConFan said...

This prop kit deserves a wall ‘o pictures because it really has a good overall feel and curb appeal. I have to say I am very impressed. The box has been masterfully refinished and well simulates age, avoiding obvious clich√© abuse such as chain distressing and other tricks of the fake antique trade. The furniture all appears to be original. The level of detail, blending original and new-made items along with repurposed items shows a good eye and an understanding of the genre. The little Belgian box lock pistol is fun and the modern but aged dagger also works well. I didn’t see a host carrier, but that is an easy defect to fix if it is indeed missing.

Bloomberg style vampire hunting cases have a two fold use: Religious implements to restrain or drive off the vampire and mundane weapons (stakes) to destroy the helpless vampire. So these type cases are a fusion of the ethereal and the corporeal – both offensive and defensive. Additionally, you might check out WWII era field portable chaplain kits for inspiration. They didn’t have guns in these boxes as the celebrants had plenty of those on hand. and and

Of note to you really advanced prop makers: the box furniture shows extensive corrosion to the iron and that corrosion leeches into the wood itself, leaving a tell-tale stain transferred by contact into the fabric of the wood, but that expected aura is missing on careful examination. But really I don’t add this here to be picky, but just give some pointers that add an extra touch of realism. Other than that easy to miss detail, (and extraneous to the general public) it is an absolute masterpiece.

Jason McKittrick said...

I have an affinity for these. They really are a master class in believable propmaking in my opinion. Great stuff!