Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Mark of Yig

Cthulhu and the King in Yellow get all the press, but what about the little guys?  The lesser gods of the Mythos?  Jason McKittrick embraces Yig with his latest project.  The Father of Serpents Medallion is available in two variants- one for invoking Yig's wrath and another for protection from his slithery children.


Cullan Hudson said...

Being an Oklahoma author, I'm quite partial to Yig and am even working on a short story that picks up on the legend left off in Bishop's/Lovecrafts Curse of Yig.

Markus said...

It looks really good, and I could imagine it would also well fit into Robert E. Howard´s cosmos as a sign of a snake cult or even an ancient relic of snake people.