Friday, March 21, 2014

Arcane Patches

Michael Shreeves cooked up this clever idea for creating arcane uniform patches.

I came across a minor trick while making a boy scout uniform from Welcome to Night Vale, after the creators released several scout patches.

I wanted some kind of runes or impenetrable arcane script because I didn't want to rely on real scout iconography or troop numbers. There are patches out there with runes, Celtic iconography, or pentagrams, but they're pricey and not very impressive.

I was wandering around Hobby Lobby looking for ideas, and I found a rack of iron-on embroidered cursive letters for $1.29 each. They weren't very legible to begin with. Rotate them a bit, and voila! Arcane sigils.
This would be perfect for any kind of organized military force that combats supernatural threats.  The Hellboy universe comes immediately to mind, as does the Delta Green take on the Mythos. 

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Gharak said...

Wow, those ones on the red background are really rather excellent. They really fit the bill and a good price for them too.conti