Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Have You Found the Yellow Sign?

"What is it?" I asked. 

"The King in Yellow." 

- Robert W. Chambers, "The Yellow Sign"

"True Detective" has come to an end.  I won't spoil the finale, other than to say I really enjoyed it and that we finally get a clear look at the show's conception of "The Yellow Sign".  Or at least, again trying to avoid any spoilers, one interpretation of it.  A friend wanted the symbol as a screen background, so I banged one up based on a screencap.  Given the interest in the show I thought you might enjoy it as well.  Here's the plain working version along with a colorized take.  Just right click and open in a new tab to download the full sized PNG files.  These are, of course, for personal use only.

I do have to admit that I got caught up in the speculation around the show and spent a few hours looking for any potential deeper meaning to the symbol.   If you're curious, it doesn't seem to correspond to a golden section, a Fibonacci Rose, or the arrangement of the stars in the Pleiades, home of Carcosa.  There are two possible correlations.  The figure does appear to mimic the proportions of the tiles in a Penrose Triangle, but slightly askew.  That seems rather appropriate.  The other possible correlation I can find is that it does form a rough match to the Pleiades with the addition of another star to the center- the view you would get from the opposite side of the constellation looking toward our sun.

Update:  An anonymous commenter points us to this disturbing FBI document from WikiLeaks.   The triangular spiral symbol is apparently associated with pedophiles. Because what the show really needed was yet another level of ickiness.


Anonymous said...

According to Wikileaks ( it is a recognized pedophile symbol, which fits with the the dark, vile, atrocious activities of that cult.

Anonymous said...

As an additional FYI, the show is also based on real events:

Anonymous said...

I saw this sign in the stars last night except it wasn't was perfectly perpendicular and so far appears to be a symbol of power...will upload drawing...i suspect it is a true symbol, meanings it can be used to gain power from or control over what it represents. i have chucked it in with a sigil of revelation so that i can hopefully uncover it's secrets.

Anonymous said...

so far I've found three slightly similar symbols used in alchemy, one a glyph representing schin in a babalonian alphabet. the next used by welling in 1735 representing spiritual&invisible earth, the occult earth before the descent of lucifer and the last by sommerhof 1701 meaning night.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to upload a picture, the symbol I saw was practically identical to the one posted except symmetrical(i.e. not squiff) and half od the top horizontal line faced up. I have scoured atleast a dozen lengthy grimiores but with little result, there are many sigils and seals from both theurgia and goetia that have symbols like unto it but no exact match. the symbol itself holds an innate amount of power...draw on paper and do double circle around it, hold your hand over it close your eyes and focus on the symbol and you should be able to feel it...though the question of what exactly it is remains somewhat of a mystery. I doubt that it is an active symbol, so possibly has passive attributes similar to how parsley is used in cooking.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't an inverted version of the blogo symbol mean "little girl lover"? Seems to fit. Also, everyone should be very, very wary of Satanic ritual abuse cases. People's lives have been ruined over the past thirty years because law enforcement periodically listen to paranoia and incompetent "occult experts". Visual art like True Detective help us explore the true horrors of crimes like these (that it's almost always someone we know) in a safe way.