Monday, March 24, 2014

The Umber Arcana

AnnEnchanted brings us the Umber Arcana.  What's cool about this is that all of the details are painted on the canvas cover.  This would be a great approach for producing a nice looking prop on a minimal budget.

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CoastConFan said...

That’s great stuff and the cover gives me some ideas. How about a cover with design elements that are moveable: spinner pointer, a whiz wheel or something. Maybe a cover a built in astrolabe function to shoot the stars or something that pops up to align to make sure you are in the right spot at the right time to use the grimoire would make for a unique cover. The device could be as simple as a kamal board or as complex as an medieval Arab astrolabe. The cover could have holes and wheels recessed into it so that parts could be attached to make some sort of esoteric surveying tool for geomancy, astrogation & etc. But that’s just a suggestion, but imagine a game where you got the book, had to find the parts and then figure out how to use it (missing pages). People work really hard to get eaten.