Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The LeMarchand Engine

Another design from the old Hellraiser folios.  This is the one of the clockwork mechanisms that drives the box.  Right click to open up the full sized graphic, or download it from Google Docs.

This design is sized at around 8" by 8".  There are some minor artifacts, most notably from pasting in the brasswork for the gear in the lower left.  It's not too distracting, but applying some weathering should cover it up.  In my defense, this was originally drawn using an archaic copy of Paint Shop Pro back when RAM was still being measured in Megs.  I believe the font used was Glyphis.


CoastConFan said...

The Lemarchand box is nicely documented in the Wikipedia: . Boxes, especially puzzle boxes are interesting things from Pandora’s box to the Lemarchand box. On the good side traditional Japanese wooden puzzle boxes were supposed to contain good luck inside when opened.

Years ago I had a computer that had a whole 256 dedicated RAM and a 60 gig hard drive – really uptown. I even eventually got a zip drive for the system. Hey, I remember when floppy disks were … uh floppy.

Zero Mostel said...

OOO! Very Nice! and yes the Font is Glyphis.

Yzzie said...

That's my font! I love seeing Glyphis used everywhere. I hate that my name is barely associated with it anymore.

Propnomicon said...

@ Yzzie

It's a gorgeous font. If you can drop me a line I'll add a full credit.