Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hail to the King

Jason McKittrick returns, bearing gifts from strange Carcosa.  His new limited edition prop set celebrates, if that's the right word, the King in Yellow.  The "Tatters of Carcosa" prop collection is available at Cryptocurium. Given the recent attention on Chambers' work from HBO's "True Detective" his timing couldn't be better.


Zero Mostel said...

Is that a new Yellow Sign I see?

CoastConFan said...

For those of you interested in saving a buck, you can download the works of Robert W. Chambers (and others) for free on Project Gutenberg (US and Australia) and the Internet Archive

The King in Yellow:

In Search of the Unknown

The Maker of Moons

Internet Archive version of Maker of Moons

Jason McKittrick said...

Yes, I created a new version of the Yellow Sign. Using another artist's version just didn't seem right to me.

Nicholas Storm said...

GREAT immersive stuff by Jason - continues to flow. Very impressed by the 'accuracy' and artistry.

DarkShadows said...

I have to say I really, really dig your interpretation of the Sign. It's very visually striking... perfect for getting it lodged into someone's unsuspecting brain.