Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cthulhu Fhtagn! Derington Editon

For close to two years Nick Derington has been working on a limited edition Cthulhu idol.  He's now in the home stretch of finishing the project, and it's absolutely stunning.  The idol itself is a wonderful piece of work that builds on Lovecraft's original sketch, but Mr. Derington went far beyond that.  He's produced some impressive packaging for the piece, and then topped it off with a custom illustrated edition of "The Call of Cthulhu".

Here's a work in progress shot of the idol itself, including the felted wood base.  

The statue comes inside a protective bag...

...which is in turn nestled inside this custom printed packaging.

All that is accompanied by the source material, a limited edition featuring eleven illustrations from the hand of Mr. Derington.

You can follow the entire development process of the project in his thread at the Replica Prop Forum.  I suspect that in years to come this will be viewed as one of the definitive Mythos prop runs, akin to Stephen Hickman's Cthulhu statuette.


TheSchlitzie said...

I know it's going to hurt my wallet, but this is one of those things I have GOT to have!

Jason McKittrick said...

It's an impressive looking set!

CoastConFan said...

This particular finish gives this sculpt a nice stone appearance and I also like the vaguely crustacean look. I know it is supposed to be blubbery, but it really plays up non-traditional armored feeling and I like that. The packaging is also outstanding, giving a bit of presentation and adding a text copy of Call of Cthulhu makes for a fine gift set. I have to wonder if the book, with its original art is available just by itself.

The camera angle of the photo and the eyes give it a bit of a sheepish look. Also consider goat’s eyes or cat’s eyes for an eldritch finish.