Monday, February 3, 2014

Hellraiser Folio Design

This is one of my old Hellraiser folio designs.  They were a collection of parchment sheets featuring conjectural drawings from the hand of Philip LeMarchand.  This was back before the sheer inanity of the Hellraiser mythos became too much to bear.  You should be able to right click and open the image in another tab to nick the full resolution version.  If not, I've posted the high rez image to Google Docs.  This was originally sized to print out at roughly 10" by 10", but you could push it a bit further without too much trouble.

If you're willing to put in a little effort this could make a very nice framed display piece.  Just print it out on some aged paper and then hand tint the design elements as you see fit.  I was able to get some really nice results using colored pencils, particularly with the degree markings.  If you lightly fill in each block with red or brown and then edge shade it you get a very cool looking effect.  I'd love to see what you come up with.

If you like this sort of thing I have dozens of other designs I can post.  All I ask is that you provide credit and don't sell anything incorporating it, in line with the Creative Commons license for everything here on Propnomicon.


Zero Mostel said...

Very nice piece of work! I especially like the font and the use you use of it.

Do you have more? And What is the name of that Font?

CoastConFan said...

Yes the first few films were watchable, but Clive Barker has never been too worried about making sense. Keep in mind Barker only wrote the first film, but that rather cuts him out of the creation of the back story on the Cenobites and Pinhead in the third film. But at least he had more plot than Steven “The Aliens Did It” King. For the ultimate in nonsense matchup, try Steven King and Peter Straub’s The Talisman. It is remarkable as being the only book I ever threw out of a window in disgust after a brief read and that’s saying a lot.

The puzzle box is the best thing out of the Hellraiser franchise and it reminds me of a slightly earlier film, Fantasm (1979 American) with that flying ball with spikes. It was short on common sense, but it was a classic schlock horror film. Hey, it had dwarf zombies, an undertaker, gateways to other worlds, and a big metallic ball (with retractable spikes that looked like an old canopener) that killed people – perfect for the drive-in crowd.

Tifa said...

Ooooh! That's wonderful!
I'd love to try my hand at wood burning with this. It would look amazing on a jewelry box.

Propnomicon said...

@ Zero Mostel

Thank you for the kind words. I've actually been trying to figure out which font it is myself. I used Glyphis for another version of that same design, but I can't ID this one. Mind you, this was something I did over ten years ago. I have a feeling it was a conlang font.

@ CoastConFan

Phantasm is one of my favorite movies, based solely on the sheer insanity of the premise. Creating a race of dwarf slaves using gravitationally compressed dead bodies? That's pure pulpy goodness.

Tim D. said...

If there's ever a question of "Do you want me to post more?" the answer is always "Yes!"

Anonymous said...

Love this. Any chance of posting your colored version?

Would love to see more of your work in this realm.

Ditto on Phantasm - I think it's one of the only films that captures the type of dreams I had growing up as a kid!

Jean-Robert said...

I believe I actually own four of your folio pages. I bought them off a DM friend of mine when he was liquidating his collection. They are currently hung in my bedroom. Fantastic pieces.

johnny6666 said...

Please post more of your designs. These are wonderful! I'm considering printing some onto canvas to be used for (personal) interior design.

Many thanks! :)