Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Tale of the Tentacles

One of the site's most popular posts is the tutorial on making a tentacle. It's a quick and dirty method using inexpensive materials, and it consistently comes up in site statistics as one of the biggest draws on the blog. Despite that popularity it's vanishingly rare that I actually hear from anyone that's used it.

Devan McGaughey was kind enough to break that trend by sending over some snapshots of some tentacles in action at this year's ZombiCon.

"This is sort of a random thing, but I just wanted to let you know how creative and helpful your tentacle tutorial was. I attended a zombie convention, Zombicon, in Southwest Florida around Halloween last year and the theme was aliens, so naturally I wanted tentacles... I ended up making about 4 of them and, as you said, they were really amazing looking fairly early in the process, and they just kept getting more awesome! I had a bit of trouble figuring out if I was using the right kind of liquid latex (you were right about going by smell - just a whiff of it almost knocked me out) and then with the plastic wrap (I had to have someone else either wrapping or holding for me, and getting it even everywhere, especially toward the smaller end, was challenging), but things turned out very well. I covered the tentacles in a little (a lot) of fake blood, stuck them down my shirt, and was ready to go! Here are a few pictures, so you can get an idea:"

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Fred P Bednarski said...

They do look awesome and are really easy to create. Thanks to the tutorial of yours I have started experimenting with liquid latex.
Also, I have sent few photos in 2010 from my Halloween costume (that You included here: