Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Glove of Myhnegon

Paul E. Smith brings us this detailed build of the "Glove of Myhnegon" from the third season of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" television series. He's painstakingly researched every facet of the screen used prop, from tracking down the original source of the chainmail gauntlet (a butcher's glove) to casting copies of all the decorative elements.

This is just one of the dozens of props from the series he's recreated. Browse through his website and you'll find page after page of reference photos and build logs, including some clever detective work identifying found items. Even if you're not into Buffy it's a valuable resource for anyone interested in occult props.

Update: I somehow forgot to actually include the link to Mr. Smith's work. My apologies.


Marcel Kinrade said...

Wow this stuff is insanely good!
do you do commission work?

How do you feel about joining our blog group at:

Be good to see you there!


Raven said...

I find myself thinking of the Resurrection Glove seen in the first episode of Torchwood, and later (for good reason) destroyed.

Ianto had an excellent, and prescient, question: "Don't those things usually come in pairs?"

Which doesn't necessarily mean they function symmetrically....