Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prop Skulls

The subject of prop skulls came up in a discussion thread on game atmosphere at Yog-Sothoth. For years the standard in the haunt industry has been the 4th quality "Bucky" skull, a mis-molded version of conventional, high-quality anatomical models. Now there are a few more options, including this very nice one-piece skull produced by Mr. Skeleton, the same vendor that handles "Bucky" production.

You can find their full range of products at the Mr. Skeleton website.

1 comment: Package Discount Feasibility Study said...

Hello. Jeff Nix here from

We have now produced a very nice proprietary New & improved version of the old style 4th quality inferior “bucky” skull. It is an original design of our own casting, it maintains the features of the Bucky, just improved. The calvarium hardware has been shaved, now the skull cap fits with metal pins in the front & back.

The fit & finish of the parts is first quality and consistent with no misalignment. The same three teeth are removable. The coloration is consistent over all parts of the skull. The best feature is that it is 50% less in weight (21 ounces V/S 44 ounces for the Bucky) We have also carefully maintained al the interior landmarks for mounting of any standardized animatronic components.

The jaw is also articulated on springs, allowing the natural range of the jaw’s movement.

For more information, visit to see our authorized dealers list or our eBay retailer, BonesToGo. Also, in late 2009, we will be online with a complete retail store.

Jeff Nix