Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It Must Be My Clean Living

I'm not sure why, but my site traffic has blown through the roof over the last few weeks. In terms of visitors, this month has already topped February and is well on it's way to surpassing last month's figures. The increase in page views is even more dramatic.

Mind you, the numbers are still pretty small in comparison to most sites. If I'm lucky I'll hit just over 2000 unique visitors this month, which is equal to less than one second's worth of traffic at a major website. Still, I think that's a respectable number for a blog that services a niche (people interested in propmaking) of a niche (Call of Cthulhu players) of a niche (roleplaying and live action gamers).

Whatever the reason, thanks. I'm glad that at least a few hundred people find my stuff interesting enough to visit on a regular basis.

Update: Ironically enough, today's traffic has already broken my previous record of 114 visitors in a single day. Yeah, I know that in the big picture that isn't much, what with blogs that concentrate on Paris Hilton's vagina generating a thousand times as much traffic, but to me it means a lot.


Christopher B said...

Of course you realize that the increase in traffic is because of the Propnomicon link I put on the side nav of my blog. :P

Propnomicon said...

Honestly, I wouldn't doubt it. I can't think of anything else I've been doing differently, other than trying to keep things updated pretty regularly.

What I find odd is that the things I thought would be popular, like the free prop documents, don't seem to drive much traffic. It's the stuff I either sell or intend to sell in the future that seems to generate the most interest.

I certainly enjoy that, don't get me wrong, but I get a lot more personal satisfaction out of someone using my stuff to create their own props than I do from selling things.

Christopher B said...

Well, as much as I'd like to take credit, I have no way of telling how many of visitors follow that link. (For some reason, StatCounter doesn't seem to see other blogger.com blogs as exit links - maybe it thinks we're all the same site, since we're on the same domain.) I do know that I only get about 150 unique visitors a day (less than half that on days I don't post) so I'd be surprised if my blog drives all that much traffic to yours. :P

So you're products for purchase generate more interest than your give-aways? Hmmm... maybe I need to start charging for all this stuff I'm posting for free. Heh :D

Propnomicon said...

Don't be so quick to discount yourself. I've *never* had 150 visitors in a single day. In comparison to your four-lane highway I'm just a little winding dirt road.