Friday, April 17, 2009

Arcanum De Profundis Prop Book

The talented Mr. Able of The Able Workshop has produced an amazing prop tome: The Arcanum De Profundis.

What an incredible piece of work. The tome itself is impressive, but I'm equally in love with the excellent craftsmanship and weathering on the storage box. Wander around his site and you'll find other projects of interest, including a hand-bound copy of the "Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows".


sonder said...

I have been reading your site for about a month or so, came across it randomly and I really enjoyed your Aesthetic and your work. As I was going back a few months this afternoon, I saw this and I thought 'that IS a pretty cool...waitaminute,I made that!'

I'm glad you appreciate my work - that totally made my day :)

- Julian DiMarco
(AKA Mr. Able)

sonder said...

The website of the able workshop has changed to