Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In The Pipe

I have a couple of things I'm working on that could be done later today.

First up are the Miskatonic University specimen bags that I briefly mentioned as part of the "From the Mountains of Madness" project. If you've purchased one of the ATMOM photo sets recently the bag that was included was part of my testing process. I tried a couple of different inks over the last few weeks and I've finally found one that doesn't stiffen the fabric and, more importantly, won't wash off. At a buck apiece I think they'll make fun little props, as well as handy dice bags.

I've also been working on a period United States pilot's license. It was tough getting decent reference material, but I was able to dig up some scans that are good enough to produce a reasonably authentic version. I'll post version 1.0 of the license later this week and would appreciate any feedback and criticism. I've come to the painful realization that one of the reasons I don't crank out more material is that I get too caught up in making things perfect when pretty-good will do. In terms of usefulness it's far better to publish something that's 80% accurate and then tweak it than to have the 90% accurate version sitting on my hard drive for months. Better to say "Good enough" and release it than to have it never see the light of day.

Finally, I'm trying to finish up some bottled specimens. The actual critters are all done, but I need to track down some corks, wax, and a double boiler to seal them up.

Update: I picked up all the materials for the bottled specimens today and I'll start putting them together tonight. Unfortunately, that means I won't have pictures or a narrative until tomorrow.

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