Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cover Me

Rev. Marx has another detailed tutorial on how to create a mouldering tome from an off-the-shelf paperback book over at MRX Designs.

I have had the idea of recovering these types of books for some time now. I have made a couple of aborted starts on other books, but this is the first of its kind that I have completed. I planned to build a hard cover around the existing book, and marry the existing soft cover into the new hardcover. I started by measuring the existing book, and figuring out the dimensions for my new spine and front and back book boards.

The relatively trivial material and time demands of the good Reverend's technique make it one of the most cost effective ways to create a great prop I've seen.

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Rev. Marx said...

This book sold within 3 hours of being listed on eBay, which made me pretty happy:) My original idea was to recover my softback gaming books (RPG rule books) this way, which I am still planning to do. I'll have some of those, and more fiction anthologies up for sale soon.
Thanks again for the link.