Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bioshock Syringe

"Bioshock" is an amazing game, notable not only for it's clever re-imagining of the survival horror first person shooter genre, but for it's amazing design work. Everything, from the architecture of the buildings to the wall posters scattered throughout the environment, was lovingly created by a team of artists that spent years polishing even the tiniest details. Now Harrison Krix has posted a detailed build log for his recreation of one of the game's most iconic props- the Little Sister ADAM Syringe.

"The Little Sisters from Bioshock are among the creepiest characters I've ever seen in a videogame. Their syringes, used for extracting ADAM are even moreso, with vials of genetic material in a glass that the sisters suck from dead bodies, then drink. ugh."

There's some great information there, including some helpful tips for anyone trying to create a "mad science" look.

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