Advertising on Propnomicon

Advertising space on Propnomicon is available for sellers offering items related to the blog's areas of interest.  If your goods have a Lovecraftian flavor, if you offer up unusual occult or horror related items, or you're a short run propmaker it's an ideal venue for reaching your audience. 

Propnomicon currently has has over 1050 followers and averages over 3000 unique page views per day.  What makes those numbers particularly useful to advertisers is that they're a niche audience intensely interested in Lovecraftiana and high quality prop items.

Advertising runs are $120 for a month long flight, but shorter runs and trade arrangements are available.  You'll receive a 240 x 400 banner ad in the sidebar as well as a welcome post acknowledging your sponsorship of the site.  Buys must be pre-paid via PayPal.  The blog only accepts ads directly related to it's subject matter and reserves the right to reject any advertisement.

If you're interested in advertising or have any questions you can reach us via email at: