Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ritual Tablet

Finneusg crafted this mythos tablet as a game prop.  I like how the finish recreates the look of blasted slag.

As an aside, if you're in to urban archeology you can almost always find some interesting, prop-ready "rocks" along your local "Glass Factory Road".   The glassworks may be long gone, but it's rare that tons of glass cullet and furnace slag weren't left behind. 

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CoastConFan said...

That’s a nice prop. I like the fact that it’s completely alien and so could be used in a variety of different games from CoC, to present day RPG, to SF RPGs as well. It does look like glass. Glass dumps are an interesting place to find glass fragments and strange molten lumps cast out in the process. Over the years artists have dug out the dumps to find objects to make jewelry.

Glass picked up at the site of the old L.C. Tiffany glass studios, find high favor, especially his iridescent favrile glass and richly colored and stained glass. His interest in glass started in the mid 1870s and he had a number of glass factories in New York over the years starting in 1885, which made for some interesting glass dumps.

The northeast was pretty much the epicenter of American glass making from colonial times onward and it’s interesting stuff to research. For that matter ancient glass has been recycled into jewelry and it must be a kick for many to have a piece of 1,800 year old glass made into a pendant. Check out some of these links about old glass, one of which has a Tiffany glass seal which looks really Cthonian.