Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tools of the Trade

Vampire killing kits and related prop sets are a frequent topic here on Propnomicon. They're all fake, of course, but making them seem real is part of the artistry. With that in mind, you may find this long running discussion at the Pyracy pirate re-enactor forum of interest. Their interests are in reproducing period medicine chests, one of the primary historical influences on our modern conception of the vampire killing kit. The discussion includes details about instruments, construction, design, and even what kind of bottles were used in chests over the centuries. It's a goldmine for anyone looking to create a Blomberg-style set.

Even if you aren't interested in those nifty historical tidbits the thread is filled with antique case porn.  Dovetailed wood, neatly racked bottles, felt lined's glorious. 


Anonymous said...

That is just beautiful.

Lee said...

Me (PoD) and Mission have been looking for evidence of a ships medicine cabinet for years now. We will find a picture of one one day I am sure ;)

Our next project is to recreate that little shagreen covered pocket medical kit.