Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arkham, 1775

"Riq1977" brings us this detailed map of Arkham, Massachusetts circa 1775.   I certainly hope he's planning on making prints available.


Dr. Theda said...

There was a good map of Arkham in the first "Call of Cthulhu" RPG book as well...

Mike J. said...

Man that's good. Makes my attempted map of Innsmouth look like crap.

By the way, anybody going to Necronomicon?

Joseph White said...

Hey! That's pretty rad!

As an artist that's dabbled in map making I know its hard work and that looks pretty stellar! :D

Riq1977 said...

Hi there,

Firstly, thank you for linking to my work! Its quite an honour to be mentioned on the infamous Propnomicon Blog.

I will be putting up a far more detailed scan of the finished map later on, and will be looking at making prints available (though I'm also going to offer it for publication in an upcoming text - however, that will depend a lot on the authors).

It took me 8 hours in total, but now I've got a feel for how to go about this, I hope to speed up the process for a larger A1 map of Kingsport 1775, then a couple of A3s of Dunwich and Innsmouth.

I based this map on HPL and G Wilson's initial works on South and then North Arkham (a lot of which went into the first CoC RPG book), and the more recent Arkham unveiled book and map. Before offering prints I will be checking the Copyright position fully.

Also have a look at another Arkham map project by BlueCollar Love on the same site... (s)he's also put up some WIP sketches of his interpretation of the town.