Saturday, February 23, 2013

Missing In Action

For some reason Blogger is eating comments.  I specifically remember approving a comment yesterday on the Antimatter Games Cthulhu that complimented the sculpt for incorporating Lovecraft's "scaly" description.  That's why I wanted to reference it in today's post about Bestiarius's work with its similarly scaled interpretation.  Lo and behold, the original comment has vanished. 

I apologize to anyone who may have taken the time to leave a comment, but never saw it show up.  I always approve them, save for the rare occasions when they're personal attacks or have excessive profanity.  That's only happened a handful of times in the past five years.  Hopefully I'll have the issue straightened out soon.


CoastConFan said...

Which comment shall be eaten first? The great Webthulu knows. If you are not reading this comment, you will know it has been eaten.

Propnomicon said...

Fear the all devouring maw. Heh.

Raven said...

Aha. I had put up some telegram font links for use/reference on an old Western Union prop entry — only to have the comment never never show up — and I assumed it was rejected as stale or some such. No worries, y'know, it's your blog. But since it seems that was a system glitch, hey, I'll just resubmit. I can even look up a few other telegram fonts for the sake of variety.

Incidentally, your "Telegram for Mr. Smith, Paging Mr. Smith" from 2007 may be the sole surviving copy on 'Net of that telegram form. The webpage you linked to is down, and though has a copy, it lacks the graphic... so there's no way to directly print the telegram. Would you care to adopt the orphaned application?

Propnomicon said...

@ Raven

I'm genuinely sorry about losing the telegram font comment. That's the kind of stuff I love.

On the bright side, I may have narrowed down what's happening a bit. It looks like Blogger is deleting any comments posted after a spam comment that I mark for deletion. I can work around that until it's solved by approving everything from the dashboard and then going back and manually deleting from the blog entry.