Thursday, February 7, 2013

Circles of Power

We've discussed before how difficult it is to craft a prop tome. Actually binding the book isn't that difficult, but getting to that point requires collecting a huge amount of material to fill the pages. That's why I was so happy to get an email from Nick Storm pointing me toward Clint Warlick's collection of summoning circles. They're a great resource for anyone crafting eldritch scrolls or tomes. Because of the clean presentation they can be used as-is as book plates or processed with some erosion filters for a more rustic appearance.


Ministry Minion said...

For contents, the Internet Archive does have a number of... interesting... manuscripts.
Have a poke around:

Phil said...

Thanks for these. For me the geomentric lines usually aren't the problem. Its coming up with a convincing text script.

Beth said...

This is awesome, thanks! The medieval macabre images fit in too.

Raven said...

It's a darn good thing I'd laid in a supply of the HPLHS's handy-dandy demon-dispelling Mum-E-Dust (with sprayer) before pulling up the screen with your display of those summoning circles.

You really truly should precede such displays with suitable warnings, you know.

As you would with plot spoilers. It's only fair.

Just think, what if some of your readers hadn't been ready to put down whatever these circles called up?

Raven said...

More grimoire-text/pic site links for tome-builders:

(I. Necronomicon texts:)

Necronomicon Project
Necronomicon (Dan Clore)
Necronomicon texts (zips)
NecroBones Mythos Creation

(II. Other grimoire texts:)

Internet Book of Shadows
(at) Sacred Texts
Arcane Archive
Lucky Mojo (multi-archive)
Ancient Texts
Esoteric Archives (Twilight Grotto)
Rowan's Celtic Compendium
Pagan Archives Links (use for any dead links!)
Bibliotheca Augustana
Visual Glossary of Religious Symbols
Grimoires - Esoteric Archives CD-Rom

Not alphabetized; listed roughly as I found the links handy.

Note: the IBOS/Sacred Texts are in current religious use, and I mean no offense by linking them here. If tome-builders can learn tome-writing from the King James Bible, then that too is a handy reference.

BTW, I *wrote* some IBOS texts, including this one, and actually recommend them as a way to increase sanity points.

Unknown said...

I finally got recognized! I am on Propnomicon! I am so jazzed.


Anonymous said...

Here are some pages of the Necronomicon I am recently working on. The text is a combination between all the known sources, and a typed out and corrected version of the text known as the Sussex Manuscript. Typed it all in the blackletter font from the HPLHS and combined it with ancient diagrams, and slightly altered pictures from old books.
Once the book is finished it will be around 1000 pages thick.

Dr. Theda said...

the middle one looks old Arabic where as the bottom one looks to be written in "Klingon"... I studied ancient alphabets fro many years... a combination of Hyretic and Demotic lettering looks rather "creepy" and gives the text an ancient and almost "alien" appearance... Great for these "props"...