Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Darth Invictus

Please join me in giving a warm welcome our newest sponsor, Darth Invictus. That's the moniker of George Cookus, one of the few Lovecraftian artists working in genuine metal. His Etsy shop has some wonderful Mythos castings, like this solid pewter Cthulhu idol.

He also has a number of bronze pieces, including both the Lovecraft and Derleth versions of the Elder Sign.

If you've been looking to pick up a Cthulhu idol I'd like to suggest his rather unique DIY piece. It's a plaster casting thrown from the same mold as the pewter figure above, ready for the paint job of your choice. In addition to his Lovecraft items you'll find a variety of resin movie props and a selection of scientific and medical gear, including a vintage syringe set.

It's a pleasure to have him on board, and my sincere thanks for his sponsorship.

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