Friday, April 6, 2012

Making a Clay Tablet

"Game Writer Guy" brings us this detailed tutorial on making a cuneiform clay tablet. The results make an ideal artifact for both live action and tabletop games. This would be a great weekend project, particularly if you have kids. They'll learn a little bit about ancient history while you exploit their innocent enthusiasm to get a cool little prop.


CoastConFan said...

For those of you making arcane tablets and the like for props, I can recommend Arthur Machen who wrote The Novel of the Black Seal, which is available on Project Gutenberg Australia as a free download:

H. P. Lovecraft was influenced by works of Machen as well as others, so it’s worth the time to read this work. You might also read Machen’s other great work, The Great God Pan as well.

Markus said...

Looks nice and it´s surely a quite cool prop. I only ask me, wouldn´t it be much lesser work to make directly the original piece, without this casting step in-between?