Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Zosimus Documents

It's a shame the Hellraiser series has devolved into such a misbegotten crapfest. Much like Lovecraft's Mythos, Barker's mythology of Phillip LeMarchand and the servants of Leviathan has served as a rich source of inspiration for both professionals and amateurs. Sadly, the results vary just as wildly in quality.

"Steelghost" brings us one of the better examples built on Barker's foundations - the Zosimus Documents. I'm a sucker for faux documents to begin with, and this collection does a nice job of developing the history of the puzzle boxes.

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Paul said...

Steelgohst does some amazing work and his NG organisation has been adding to the Hellraiser mythos for several years. If you like it, then check out the Pyramid Gallery (, especially the details of The Lost Configuration which includes documents, videos and photographs.