Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tomes of Arcane Lore

Matteo Bocci brings us these very nice Tomes of Arcane Lore.

Some arcane tomes I created for using in a Live-Action Role-Playing Game with my friends. You can find in this picture the following fictional books and notepad:

- a score to open a gate to our world for Azathoth;
- an infamous collection of excerpts from the book of the mad arab Abdul Alhazred;
- fragments from an invocation to the God of Dust;
- the notepad of William Featherstone Coleridge, an artist gone mad as a sacrifice to his art.

There's a lot to like in this collection of items. I love the warm, yellow-brown look of the aged documents. Of the two tomes I prefer the one on the right because of it's excellent sculptural details and the grungy, corrupted drybrushing treatment used to bring them out.

1 comment:

Nickolas Storm said...

Oh...I recognize that artistic style!

VERY nice. I was beginning to lose hope that you would ever turn out more....

The sheet Music of Erich Zann.....what a prop that would make!!

I think I'll have to break out my Camera....