Friday, January 1, 2010

The Burmese Statue

The very talented josefk writes:

In 1942 when the Japanese ‘liberated’ Burma they found a very ancient statue in the mountains that was worshipped by a mysterious and decedent tribe of hill people. These people proved especially resistant to the Japanese occupation, and after a few weeks of having their convoys attacked along the ‘Burma Road’ the Japanese destroyed the statue. The attacks ceased, but in time the wrath of these primitive people’s god seems to have been visited upon Japan.

There are only two know pictures of the statue, both taken by the Japanese during their occupation.. One picture shows the statue intact, with a Japanese Officer posing alongside. The other picture depicts the statue after its destruction. In this photo a group of Japanese Officers stand nearby.

Further research has provided valuable insight into the origins of the Burmese Statue:

In case you wondered, my little Cthulhu started out about 3 inches tall, made from regular unfired clay that got damp and started falling apart, prompting the idea.


Nick S. said...

More of THIS please !

Mik said...

Pretty cool.

Restless said...

Do you have any links to articles on this particular event?