Monday, October 12, 2009

Miskatonic Madness Rolls On

I want to thank everyone that has purchased one of the Miskatonic Prop Sets. As of this morning I've sold roughly half of the run, leaving me with about 50 complete sets to go. That's amazing considering I haven't done any promotion at all. Which isn't to say there hasn't been any promotion- I owe you all a great debt of thanks for telling your friends about my humble wares. Word of mouth, or the modern alternative of Twitter messages and blog postings, is the very best advertising there is.

That said, I expect things will slow down a bit today based on the initial demand being met and the holiday here in the US. Based on that I'll be posting a page where you can purchase individual items sometime this afternoon. I may not have many of the Miskatonic patches and pins, but I'm sure to have about 100 of the postcards and various notebooks available.

Just as a reminder, the holiday also means I won't be posting everything until first thing tomorrow morning. That said, when I say your package will go out first thing, I mean it. Every order will be on it's way through the mail by 9 AM on Tuesday morning.

Update: Ack! I'm totally sold out of everything. My sincere apologies to everyone.

Update, Part Deux: Just as a bit of explanation, I didn't realize I'd been linked by the nice folks at both Make magazine and io9. Believe me, I'm not complaining, but orders were coming in so fast that my sophisticated stock tracking system (a sheet of paper with hashmarks) was overloaded. So much for the "things will slow down because of the holiday" thing.

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