Sunday, September 27, 2020

Mytho Menagerie Cthulhu Idol

This week I picked up the Cthulhu Statuette from Mytho Menagerie.  It's a resin casting of a design from Eric Quick, which was then carved in wood by Nick Darmstaedter to produce the master.  The piece retails for $65.  It's produced on demand, so it took about two weeks from my order for the finished statuette to arrive at my door.

I absolutely adore this design.  It has great lines, and different aspects of the detail work come out as your perspective shifts around the sculpt.  I'm happy I picked it up, but I may repaint it.  There's nothing wrong with the "Innsmouth Gold" finish, but the sculpt would really come to life with a jade finish.


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Ryan said...

I bought the green resin version, it's absolutely beautiful. Had my eye on this design for years and was finally able to bring one home.