Friday, September 25, 2020

My Hollywood Debut

Over the years I've contributed to a couple dozen films.  And by "contributed" I mean an indy filmmaker asks if they can use some graphics and I say "Sure".  If it's just for incidental use I request a credit to Propnomicon.    In a few cases I've produced props for their film, usually some an artifact like a stone tablet or Cthulhu idol.  

In all this time not a single one of those films was actually finished...until now.

The Lovecraftian time travel movie "Intersect" is now available on Amazon Prime Video.  It's also apparently being streamed as part of this year's online incarnation of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival.  

All this is news to me, since I thought the project fell apart way back in 2012.  The producers were documenting the making of the movie with a blog that showed off some really impressive production design.  That included my small contribution, the Miskatonic University logo.

Filming concluded in December of 2011 and then...nothing.  I'd actually forgotten about the whole thing until someone emailed me last night to point out the film was now up on Amazon.  That sent me back to the production blog, where it appears they've actually been doing sporadic updates over the years.  I'd finally get the IMDB credit I've lusted after!

Sadly, my happiness was not to last.

The good news is that my Miskatonic University logo reportedly gets a few seconds of screen time in Intersect.  The bad news is that I didn't get a credit.  My quest for IMDB fame has fizzled out once again.  Heh.

 Worse, if the reviews on Amazon are any guide the movie is terrible.

"I was so distracted by the nose that if the movie had a point I probably would've missed it."

 "Someone had a great idea for a movie and then they tried to get slick and artsy. Utterly horrible."

"Bought this because I was desperate for a good movie... any good movie. I am still desperate for a good movie."

 "I'm still not certain what I watched."

Oh, cruel fate, you mock me so.  One of the movies I've contributed to finally gets released, and it's a disaster.



Monstrim said...

Worry not, with my Prime subscription and my taste for horrible movies, I'll give you at least some international audience!

bea said...

I only ever use your Miskatonic seal and always give you credit. I use yours for a VERY important reason: It's neutral and could be any college seal. You'll see many Miskatonic seals online but MOST have a fatal, glaring flaw: They have tentacles, satanic imagery, evil tomes etc. Miskatonic University may get dragged into supernatural happenings but the college itself is...just a college. Seals that have Lovecraft imagery miss the point of the University's neutrality.

Propnomicon said...


The one truly great thing about Prime is that I've been able to discover whole new worlds of horrible movies.


Exactly. That's what drove me to do my own version in the first place.

Rev. Marx said...

I guess I got lucky. One of the two movies for which I made props actually got made. The only unfortunate part is that I never got my complimentary DVD copy for donating to the kickstarter, and the director sold the distribution rights to "Doctor Glamour", so now it isn't available to view online. I only got to watch it once, and it was very choppy because of my bad internet connection. Fun experience though.

Anonymous said...

You can apply directly to IMDB for the credit. (I think most people manage their own accounts in such a fashion.)

Unknown said...

i just watched this "project" (can't really call it a film as it lacks any sense of plot) the other weekend. Although it may not have lived up to any expectations, the fact that your logo was used on screen is still an awesome achievement.

Raven said...

If the movie was sufficiently bad that you would actually prefer not to be associated with it, you could always insist that your work be credited to... Alan Smithee... since film directors stopped using that pseudonym in 2000....