Thursday, September 10, 2020


"The distance from our house to the forest is about 20 meters. My little brother and sister often play there with the neighbour's children, but they never go deep into the thicket.

Once I heard my sister screaming right from the forest, she called for help, because brother was mired in the swamp. It took me minutes to reach them, but when I got there, I found them both standing silent on the bank of the swamp. Brother was in mud up to his neck, breathing heavily. That evening I asked my sister what had she seen. Sister said only one word: "Green"

"Green?" I repeated. "What's Green?"

I asked her over and over, but it seemed like the little girl couldn't explain it. She simply covered her eyes with her hands, shook her head and repeated: "Green...Green...Green"

The fae are capricious and cruel, but when properly appeased their favor can be invaluable.  The gifted Alice Tochylovska returns to our pages with one such example, the wood spirit known simply as "Green".  Click through for more of the lore and a full gallery of photographs.


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