Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fallout Water Conservation Poster

This is a work-in-progress shot of a water conservation poster from a "Fallout" vault.  It's based on a WW II original, keeping with the retro approach of the game.  Water, and the lack thereof, is one of the ongoing themes of the franchise.

I've digitized all the design elements of the original, including the wonderful hand lettering.  With the initial layout complete I'll now take a pass at adding tone and weathering effects.


CoastConFan said...

There was a California water conservation poster contest, but you’ve missed the deadline. The Library of Congress online has some 1930s WPA posters that are a goldmine for poster ideas

For something more interesting, some German and American conservation posters from the war years.

Mr. Primate said...

Nice work!

The Fallout 4 hype train is rolling along and I'm well and truely on board. Can't wait!