Saturday, April 12, 2014

Give Till It Hurts

This is just a friendly reminder that I'm a charitable soul, but Propnomicon doesn't get involved in any political causes.   I'm more than happy to provide what humble help I can to support good works.  Politically driven projects don't count, no matter how noble the motivation.   This post from 2011 covers the reasons why quite well, so I'm reprinting it below.

I was recently approached by a reader to donate a few items to one of those "Art for Insert Cause Here" type events.* When I politely declined, since it was for a political cause I don't happen to support, I found myself being subjected to one of the most hateful, vituperative emails I've ever had the displeasure to read. What made it even more painful is that it was from someone I've corresponded with on a pretty regular basis in connection with propmaking and Lovecraft scholarship.

Things like that are why I never, ever bring up the subject of politics here.

I understand people are passionate about issues they care about. I'm very politically active and regularly contribute to causes and candidates I support. If you're so inclined you could probably dig up my history of donations, although I try to keep them all below the $200 Federal reporting threshold for privacy reasons. I love discussing politics, and there are a few regular readers with diametrically opposing views to mine that I've exchanged polite emails with on various subjects.

That said, I also think those kind of discussions don't have to be interjected into every single facet of life. There are a few websites I used to frequent on a daily basis that are now unreadable because they've become infested with true-believers. There is no shortage of sites devoted entirely to political discussion, but for reasons that escape me the most die-hard tribalists feel the need to not only slurp up the kool aid themselves, but relentlessly press anyone passing by to take a deep drink from the punchbowl.

There's an old tradition that gentlefolk refrain from discussing politics and religion in polite company. I think that's a pretty good rule to live by.**

*As an aside, what self-respecting political cause would want to have anything to do with my work? As entertaining as I, and by extension you, might find these things they're not exactly mainstream. Half rotted parasitic worms? Mummified body parts? Murderous cult fetishes? Sweet fancy Moses, I'm an attack ad just waiting to happen.

** At least until the end times. That's when I'll merrily try to convert you all to my cultish minions. If I'm lucky I'll be able to enjoy some some truly epic drunken debauchery featuring gallons of absinthe and dozens of scantily-clad goth chicks before the Dark Lord devours my soul. Oh, and I want to work an opium den in there somewhere. Come to think of it, I really just want to live like a pulp-era villain when the end of days rolls around. A sentimental traditionalist, that's me.


alex kaeda said...

Question: would an exception be made for a "Cthulhu For President" campaign?


Propnomicon said...

@ alex kaeda

Well, that goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

Also, if we can't discuss religion, that means I can't ring your doorbell and tell you about the good news to be found in the Book of Eibon.

Joseph White said...

I appreciate your political safe zone you created here and support your feelings and keeping them out of this.

Like you I've run into some awesome people that just ruin the reason I watch them with 'causes'

So I just wanted to say, thank you :)

Gertrude Perkins said...

I know how you feel! Coincidentally, a forum that I belong to (about geeky topics) has a strict "No politics or religion" rule for very much the same reason; things rapidly descend into Internet flame wars!