Friday, October 4, 2013

Hunting Gear

 Artist John Genova brings us this well done vampire hunting kit.

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CoastConFan said...

What a nice vampire hunting kit; it is good enough to grace the prop room of Hammer Films. The flintlock wouldn’t be effective on a vampire, but it would be darn helpful in fending off henchmen and monsters: nothing like a .75 caliber ball to the noggin to slow one down.

This very nice assemblage manages to have a used look without being over the top with wear. If one was to stick closely to the Bram Stoker version, then a garland of garlic flowers would also be in order. Garlic is fine, but it seems it is the scent of the flowers themselves that keeps Dracula at bay. For a prop maker, garlic flowers are a bit more complex to gin up for a display.

Chapter 11, Mrs. Westenra tells Van Helsing that she removed all the flowers, including the wreath around Lucy’s neck. Lucy later gets another garlic flower wreath only to have it torn off accidently by her mother when a wolf lungs through a broken window. Later Lucy lays all the garlic flowers on her mothers body, who died of heart failure.

Chap 13, Dr Seward’s diary entry: The Professor looked sternly grave. He had not loved her as I had, and there was no need for tears in his eyes. He said to me, "Remain till I return," and left the room. He came back with a handful of wild garlic from the box waiting in the hall, but which had not been opened, and placed the flowers amongst the others on and around the bed. Then he took from his neck, inside his collar, a little gold crucifix, and placed it over the mouth. He restored the sheet to its place, and we came away.