Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sasquatch Hand

Jacob Petersson brings us this sideshow-style Sasquatch hand. Click through to his site and take a look at the high resolution pictures. There's some great detail work that's only visible in closeup.


DrPnakotic said...

My favorite part of this piece are the knuckles. They look VERY realistic to the knuckles of a mummified specimen.

I'm not so sure about the anatomy though, the primate features are a bit too exaggerated. Mainly regarding the distance between the fingers and thumb, which probably would look a bit more realistic closer together.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this Sasquatch was not killed in Washington State USA or British Columbia, Canada. Both jurisdictions have legal ordinances prohibiting the killing of Sasquatches or Bigfoot creatures--no, really, they do!

Allan Newell
Vancouver Canada

Phil said...

There's a touristy gift shop here in Seattle's waterfront called Ye Olde Curiosity Shop that's chock full of stuff like this. It would fit in nicely next to the mummified cowboy.

Markus said...

DrPnakotic, there are really many primates which have even a bigger space between the fingers and the thumbs. Just take a look at the hand of an orang utan (and there are even more extreme cases):

This particular model of a bigfoot hand could well have been an inspiration in this case:

I made a comparable mummified giant hand of non-human origin some years ago, and I also looked a lot at primate hands and their anatomy, and it´s really not that easy.