Monday, July 30, 2012


Dan Smith brings us DarkSpeech, a fantasy font originally released as part of a failed RPG project. The flowing characters would be great for Deep One scrolls and tomes.


Nick Storm said...

A tempting font BUT the download is rife with spam, bloat and viri. For shame Prop ,for either not vetting or allowing this mischief...

DrPnakotic said...

I was just thinking that it might be cool to have a program that uses preset scripts like these to randomly put each character down so that you could have tons and tons of pages of eldritch text on demand. Just print out half of what you need, then send it in the other way to get the other sides of the pages. And to put in images you could just slap a digitally made one in there, or leave a space to hand draw it.

To bring it a step further, each individual character could have a higher or lower chance to be put down than others, and some could have a higher or lower chance of being put right next to eachother. What this would do is effectively mimic what writing with actual intelligent meaning behind it would look like, rather than purely randomly placed gobbledygook.

I have absolutely no knowledge about programming, but I think it'd be a great way for tome makers to easily and quickly put out tomes with script.

Propnomicon said...

@ Nick Storm

Are you getting any kind of virus warning from the site? I'm not picking up anything on my system.

The .zip file does include other fonts by the same designer (and from the same failed project), but there aren't any executable files. I also scanned the sampler PDF and didn't find any embedded nastiness.