Friday, July 13, 2012

Dragon Scale

Markus Heinen brings us a dragon scale. As several drakes have demonstrated, a single scale, or the lack thereof, can have major consequences.


CoastConFan said...

To paraphrase the movie Blade Runner: "Not fish. Drake. Try Abdul ben Hassan." How about that for mixed media. If Ridley Scott can deviate wildly from the book, so can I.

Markus said...

Inspired from the dragon sclae posted at September 2010 I also wanted to sculpt a dragon scale for my own collection, as this would be a comparably easy-to-make model. But as I have the stupid habbit to make things as realistically as possible (at least in general) I finally gave up, because I couldn´t find good references. This seems to be strange, but it´s really not easy to find good scale references at all, but more mosaic-like or tubercle-like scales. At first many reptilians have not those stereotypical "fish-scales" at all, and things become even much more difficult if you want to know how an isolated scale looks. The part of such a fish-scale is only a part of the whole thing, and the rest is within the skin itself, and also of a different structure of course.