Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Zedock Specimen

Tóbal brings us this interesting specimen from the collection of famed cryptozoologist Octavius Zedock. The figure itself is nice, but it's the supplemental ephemera that really makes this project come to life.

One particular item I want to draw attention to is the storage box itself. It's an off the shelf craft item, but the distressed paint finish does a great job of disguising it. That's a nice touch.


Phil said...

Oh yes, I love the accompanying paperwork.

Lord, I know the horrible cheapie latch on the box all too well. These days thats the first thing I yank off when I buy one for a project. If for no other reason than that Phillips head screws didn't come into common useage til the late 30's.

Anonymous said...

You're right about this. The figure is almost unremarkable (still good though). What truly makes it is not just the box but all of the distressed documents. A lot of thought and detail was obviously put into the large diagram, the distressed maps and photos and other ephemera. I also really like the diagram inside the crate's lid. The entire concept is well executed.

Tóbal said...

Hey , thanks for linking!
I did this box all with affordable materials , none of them vintage (well , just the cork of the bottle) and spent some time distressing it.
I will cover screws in the next ones...just a bit of epoxi to turn them into nails I guess could work.
The best thing I guess it is to change the whole closing system...
I am working in other cases but with vintage material bought at ebay . This makes the difference BUT increases the price a lot!
Thanks for comments and suggestions !

Phil said...

Didn't mean to sound critical Tobal, I think the whole thing looks amazing. I was just being a nitpicky artist type. I'm the same way about my own projects.

Department and craft stores also have small replacement latches for a couple of bucks. I use them a lot.
Your epoxy idea is something I hadn't thought of. Or you can also Dremel the end half off of small nails and epoxy them into place.

Tóbal said...

Phil , don´t worry , I accept all suggestions and feedback !
This will make to improve the next one ! I learn many things by reading posts here at Propnomicon and listening to other´s opinions.
Constructive critiques are always good.
All ideas and suggestions are wellcome!
Thanks very much!