Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Making of a Monster

Kristopher McClanahan brings us a look at the creation of a bottled specimen from start to finish. Starting from the concept of a carnivorous worm he details the initial sculpting...

Usually, when I'm doing a sculpture, I start with a pretty detailed sketch and then make up a wire framework, in this case, I didn't, I just dove right in, I had a pretty good image in my head, and it's a pretty compact thing, so I didn't do any real prep work, I just started sculpting. That may have been a mistake, without wirework in the legentacles, they may end up being too fragile for resting in a jar without them getting broken... We'll have to see if I can remedy that.

...and then goes through the details of applying the surface finish and bottling up the worm. If you've always wanted a bizarre specimen of your own you'll find a lot of helpful hints.


Phil said...

Hot and crispy pillbug. Oh boy! *gets a straw*

Thanks for this Prop and Kris. Its always a pleasure to see how other people work. And fresh ideas are always welcome.

Kris mentioned regrettign not adding wire armatures in the legs. If it happens again, perhaps try 2-part casting resin, or epoxy cement to simulate the slime coat? The stuffs pretty resiliant to breaking.

Gargamelscat said...

Thanks for posting this. It is very interesting and I would never have found it.

TheRedneckScientist said...

This reminds me of the Mind worms of Chiron from Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri.