Wednesday, December 14, 2011


David Gagne over at Dark Artifacts brings us this tutorial on upgrading a prop skull with new acrylic teeth. I believe the base skull is one of the Bucky-style 3rd class medical models from the Anatomical Chart Company.

"Acrylic teeth, the kind used to make dentures, come in little plastic trays, separating the top, bottom, front and back teeth. Very pratical; you don't have to guess which tooth goes where (although mouth anatomy is fairly simple).

I bought mine on ebay; it cost about 20$ including shipping from china, and I have 6 complete sets of teeth."

I never would have thought to source choppers like this. In hindsight it's obvious the ones used for dentures had to come from somewhere. It just never occured to me that full sets of human teeth were so cheap and easy to get.

These would be ideal for all kinds of gaffs and faux specimens. In the past commenters have mentioned how creepy it is to see a non-humanoid creature with human teeth. You could create some very disturbing dentition with a full set or mix and match incisors, molars, and canines for a more inhuman look.


Kephas Squared said...

Would definitely agree about the freakiness of humanesque teeth where they simply shouldn't be. To see this done to great effect, check out the works of Czech animator Jan Svankmajer. Though not exactly Lovecraftian, his oeuvre contains much that is dreamlike, nightmarish and grotesquely beautiful in a way Pickman himself might've applauded. I've included a link to an excerpt from Svankmajer's 'Faust', but his take on 'Alice in Wonderland' is another dark delight for anyone that hasn't seen it yet.

christian lehmann said...

I've gone to ebay directly to get myself a set of these teeth. I can imagine the possibilities for props or live rpgs :-)