Monday, December 12, 2011

Down to the Depths

The talented Rev. Marx brings us the third installment of his prop diving helmet build. It's particularly impressive because he's using such humble materials to craft it.

"I knew I would need some ventilation, so I searched around the shop for a suitable vent cover. I looked all through my plastic parts bin and found nothing useful. I tried out a couple of plastic bottle caps, but couldn't find anything that looked right. Then, I noticed something that had been sitting on my worktable the whole time. I had always intended on adding some of those cheap l.e.d. touch lights to the front breast plate to serve as headlights. I had one torn apart to get ready to paint the casing when I noticed that the casing itself would make a good vent cover. I cut out a small piece of chromed wire mesh from a drawer divider (used for separating silverware in a kitchen drawer) and fixed it with hot glue to the inside of the plastic casing."

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Alex Kaeda said...

That's amazing. A series of brilliant ideas and perfect execution