Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eldritch Reliquary

The talented Jason McKittrick bring us this eldritch reliquary and was kind enough to share some of his build notes.

I used a dark walnut stain (on the case)...after it was dry I sand papered the edges and a few other spots for an uneven texture. I also chipped off some of the wood around the edges to simulate water damage. I attached felt to the inside of the case and stained it using washes of black acrylic paint in various thicknesses. The aged engravings are heat transfers on to coffee stained paper with some wrinkling and then some sand papering along the edges. The Necronomicon pages are rag paper once again soaked in coffee and then baked in the oven to achieve the spots that appear to be water damage.

The glass vial with the specimen was a multi-step process. The creature itself is super sculpey III and then glazed with several layers of tinted gloss medium. The vial was wrapped with hemp cord and then red sealing wax was used for the seal. I then dirtied it with black acrylic while rubbing some off so that just the cracks and crevices would be really gunky. I applied one coat of matte fixative to the glass and then after it was dry applied several tinted glazes of matte medium. There is actually no liquid inside but gives the appearance that there possibly is or that it dried up and left a dirty residue.

The piece is available on Ebay.

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