Friday, August 13, 2010

In the Land of the Dead

The very talented Leo Dias has launched his own blog- Sicksore. The text is in Portuguese, but his sculptures and props speak for themselves. I'd love to see his whimsical zombie sculptures as garden statues.


Leo Dias De Los Muertos said...

Oh man,that was unpredictable.Really,really thanks.I was just looking for an alternative to display the translations for my texts to english when I´ve found out that you had posted this.
I´m completely new to blogs( writting them) so I have a lot to learn.
For now the informative texts have translations but the poems in portuguese still dont.I´ll have to find a way to make the rhymes work.
Oh,and since I love gardens and mantain bonsais Id love to make garden statues too!;D

Again,thanks bro!

Scott said...

For a zombie garden sculpture, check out ThinkGeek. It's not whimsical, and far from a gnome, but it is intended for the garden...