Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Miskatonic University Alumni Package Update

The final batch of packages is going out tomorrow.  With Priority Mail delivery everyone should have their goodies by Saturday at the latest.

Again, my apologies for the delayed delivery.  What really killed me this time around was collating everything.  In hindsight the easiest way to do it is to lay out all the items on a table, pick one from each pile, and then drop them into a mailer bag.  That's what I finally ended up doing, but I started by doing groups of 20 bags and adding one item at a time.  It was incredibly inefficient and wasted a lot of effort.

If you ordered multiple packages you should be receiving a notification for a partial refund.  More than one set can fit in each Priority Mail box, so I returned the $6.80 in shipping you were charged for each additional set.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shipping refund :)

Glad this has all gone together with (few) hitches...

And my fingers are crossed for our friends in foreign lands. Soon!


Anonymous said...

Wanted to tell you I got my package today, safe and sound :)

Thanks again.

And, I'm sending a little something your way...


Propnomicon said...


You're very kind.

Anonymous said...

Pssh, 'twern't nothin.


ETA Tuesday.


Nick said...

It just came. It's fantastic! I recognize some of the postcard sites from around town. :)

Anonymous said...

Got mine yesterday. Great Work!!!!