Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Miskatonic University Alumni Package Update

It looks like all but one Alumni package arrived safe and sound at it's destination.  The USPS says the one that went missing is in Milwaukee, despite being addressed for San Francisco.  Clearly, some postal routes travel between the dimensions of conventional reality.

Later this week I'll have about two dozen more packages available.  They'll be lacking the field journal, but I'll be throwing in some other goodies to partially compensate for that.  They'll be $33 instead of the original $35 via PayPal for domestic US customers.

Next week I'll have a small number of packages for international customers.  I'm going to be handling those through email so I can calculate shipping on an individual basis.  As I've written, I've been really torn about international orders.  It's a huge hassle having to deal with customs declarations.  At the same time, one of the glorious features of Lovecraft fandom is that it is an international community.  Some of the best art and literature within the genre is coming from far afield of the Old Gent's New England stomping grounds, something he'd no doubt be amazed by.


MSAINT said...

"Next week I'll have a small number of packages for international customers."
The sacrifices have worked!!!
How does/will that work?

Aleister Crow said...

Mine arrived safe and sound a couple days ago. Definitely worth the wait.

Propnomicon said...


I'm just a big ol' softy for goats blood.

@ Aleister Crow

I'm glad to hear that. I'm really happy with how the keychain came out.

Raven said...

"...the one that went missing is in Milwaukee..."

Honestly, Props, I did not divert it!

drjon said...

Have sent you an email. Am International, hoping you have some left!