Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fallout Plasma Rifle

When you have real talent, as the AntiLily does, you can turn this...

...into this in just a matter of days.

Speaking of which, "Fallout 4" has three Lovecraftian quests I think Mythos fans will enjoy. One of them involves a potentially world-ending artifact from Lovecraft's "Nameless City" in the Arabian Rub'al Khali, the same place Abdul Alhazred learned many of the secrets revealed in the Necronomicon. I know Bethesda won't go there, but it would be amusing to find out the cataclysmic nuclear war was just clearing the field for the return of the Old Ones.


Jeff said...

Sadly I do not think that my Computer (ether my laptop or my Desk top) will run #4 so I am having to "settle for New vegas. I keep hoping someone will post more details about the Lovecraft style themes and quests in both 4 and New Vegas (are there any in New vegas ? ).

Propnomicon said...

@ I would suggest paying a visit to Fallout Lore on Reddit:

I'm a pretty active poster there, and briefly touched on the Lovecraftian elements in FO4 in this thread:

Sadly, New Vegas doesn't have *any* Mythos elements. In a perfect world that would be corrected by exploring, uh, something mentioned in the quest discussed in the linked Reddit thread.

Robbert Folmer said...

I'm not much for video games, but might I suggest to those in search of entertainment (and which of us isn't) to give the show Sleepy Hollow a try? It's in its third season. It has a trailer that will want to make you give up all hope immediately but the series is quite good fun and has lots of alternate history, some good arcane magic and a few nice artefacts in it - and even an episode where the "That is not dead which can eternal lie" chant is used (in Romany Greek if memory serves) as a spell to raise a mystical warrior from the earth. Really rather unexpectedly good.